7 Quick Takes Friday…01/11/2013

— 1 —

So, like all the cool Catholic bloggers are doing this whole 7 Quick Takes Friday thing..so I figured I would try it. Surely…even I could think of 7 quick things to post about. And, obviously posting about 7 Quick Takes counts as my first Quick Take..right?

— 2 —

Yesterday was one of THOSE  days. You know those days…the type of day where any homeschooling mom starts thinking that boarding school sounds really, really good. Greta just about did me in with learning multiple number 3-digit addition with estimation to boot. I didn’t like all those long math problems as a kid…and I hate them even more as a parent. Then I came to my senses and realized that even if she went to school, I’d still have to help her with her homework and I’d still be banging my head against the wall..so it’s all good. How come no one ever told me before I had kids that I’d have to deal with things like super long, annoying math problems AGAIN?

— 3 —

Believe it or not, I actually used to be on the math team in high school…so I’m not teaching my girls something wimpy like “Math Class is Tough” (anyone else remember that Barbie controversy from like 20 years ago?)…but I hated all those long problems back then, and I still hate them now..can’t wait until we get to fun stuff..like calculus.

— 4 —

We used to have this one, rickety, falling apart bookshelf. It was one of those cheap, particle board things that someone I put together incorrectly. Yesterday, we had to look behind it for the missing Kindle Fire charger thing which somehow got kicked behind there. Super Mommy found it..but when I moved it, it started falling apart and we ended up taking all the books off and throwing the bookshelf away. Now the corner of our living room looks like this and we have to find a way to store these for the next 5 months (or 8 months) until we move.


Otherwise, it will almost definitely guarantee that Elsa will start crawling and pulling up before then, because what baby can resist wreaking havoc on a stack of books like that?

— 5 —

Speaking of Elsa..last night she did something almost UNHEARD of in this house. Are you ready for it??? She fell asleep WITHOUT NURSING!! I know, I know…I almost passed out from shock too. Last night, I was busy cutting out little sheep shapes for our coop project today and she was lying on the bed, in the dark, sucking her hands and I go in there and the next thing I know..she is ASLEEP…ALL ON HER OWN!! Woo hoo! Of course, then she woke up an hour later and refused to settle without me next to her…but it was nice while it lasted.

— 6 —

I’m reading a really good book right now.
Warnings: The True Story of How Science Tamed the Weather

It was a Christmas present (the kindle edition) and I’m really enjoying it..and it’s kinda making me want to move to Tornado Alley so I can be one of those Tornado Chasers (ok..not really…Tornadoes scare the heck out of me..I’d much rather deal with hurricanes.) But, it is fascinating..especially to a science geek like me.

— 7 —

Elsa is FOUR MONTHS OLD TODAY!! Can you believe it? I can’t believe it either..time is just flying by! Check out this cute little bundle of chubbyliciousness!


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