Toddlers are strange creatures…not quite babies and not quite kids.  It is a very challenging age for me…the one I find the most challenging.  My poor son’s life consists of him trying to do fun, interesting things that no one else wants him to do.  It is a frustrating experience indeed!

They say that newborns are born helpless as an adaptation for upright walking and pelvic size. They say that because of this the newborn is totally dependent on his mama

I say that the real reasons newborns are helpless if because if they were born as walking, destructive toddlers, no one would keep them.  Who would want a baby that as soon as he pops out, he immediately grabs your cell phone and tosses it in the toilet.  Or in caveman days….he gets into the cave’s supply of meat and furs and strews them all over the land.   They wouldn’t survive.  No…God knew what he was doing when he made the newborn a cute, helpless creature..


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