Punished by a Baby?

Our nation has just voted a man into the presidential office that believes his daughters should never have to be punished by a baby?  How sad is that….that anyone could view a baby as punishment?   I wonder if he believes that certain babies are more of a punishment than others….like if your baby has a genetic defect, you must have done something really bad.   Probably…considering that he is a staunch supported of abortion rights and studies show that 84% of down syndrome babies never make it to the outside.

The fact is, that of all the women I know who have birthed a baby that was conceived during “less than ideal times for having a baby”..NONE of them view that child as punishment….most would say a blessing.   The same holds true for those whose babies are born, less than perfect.  The only regrets are for the babies that aren’t there.

A friend of mine just published this blog post.   I think we should all read it, it is so very true.