Wonder Drug!

I stumbled upon this great article today…click the link for the full-version/credit. 

Imagine if today, scientists discovered a drug that could save 13 per cent of all the babies who currently die. Now imagine that drug also made your baby cleverer – and dramatically slashed her chances of developing heart disease, diabetes, leukaemia, asthma or obesity as an adult. Oh: and imagine it was free.

The “drug” exists. It is called breast milk. Yet in the developed world, we often stigmatise women who give it to their babies as “creepy”. In the developing world, we allow corporations to tug babies from their mother’s nipple, and put them on to powders that bring more profit – and more death.

I come at this from a strange perspective. My mother breastfed me until I was nearly three; she only stopped the day I wrote her a note saying I expected to be breastfed that afternoon.


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