Cats and Catholics

Last week we adopted a cat and I have come to the conclusion that a cat would make a rotten Catholic.   It’s a good thing that animals don’t have everlasting, spiritual souls as I can’t see cats being heaven-bound.  They aren’t very obedient or humble and rather seem almost condescending.  Our new cat is constantly testing the waters, breaking the rules, stretching the boundaries.  If he can’t slip through the gate..he just jumps on over.   I can’t see a cat being too good at certain virtues, like obedience or humility and if the kitten population is anything to go by, they aren’t too good at chastity either.

Nonetheless,  I hate mice and I hate rats.  I’m  also not too fond of bats.  But..I LOOOOVVE Cats 

Cats are still wonderful.  There is just something about those intelligent eyes, the twitching tail, the purr that makes them so endearing.  Having a cat sit in your lap, purring while you stroke his fur is the best therapy and stress-release.  Somehow, while petting a cat, all is well, the world seems all right and problems are managable.

Plus, they perform the most important job in the world….they rid the house of MICE  (see prior post to learn more of my love of mice).


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