Mice are Not Nice

They should be kept on Ice

Or Rolled like Dice

And Put in a Vice

and Boiled like Rice

Mice are Not Nice

But they are better than Lice

Which No One Wants Twice

or Thrice

We must Entice the Mice

to leave.

They’re worth killing at any Price.

Mice are Not Nice.


One thought on “Mice

  1. I hope you will on this think twice.
    This plan you have shall not suffice
    You think the mice will use a vise
    (spelled with an ‘s’, to be precise)?
    You should use a warning device.
    Might I suggest a starving grice?
    If not a suited plan for vice
    Just bang their heads on slabs of gneiss.
    If you don’t heed this here advice,
    I might decide to kick your ***.
    I say fairwell, my end concise.

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