Weather is relative.    It is April here in New England and I think it is gorgeous.  Today it got up into the high 50’s (maybe even 60) was sunny and felt quite warm and springlike.  Younger Daughter even was outside in her bathing suit and halter dress (a 3 year olds sense of fashion defies words sometimes).   However, Hubby thinks it is FREEZING outside.  He seems to be laboring under the false impression that April weather should be HOT (in the 70’s).  I guess that is what you get when you grow up in the South.  Me, on the other hand. I  am quite enjoying our warm, spring-like weather.  After 20 and 30 degree winters, 50 seems quite balmy.   Break out the shorts, man.


One thought on “Weather

  1. 40 degrees ain’t warm, unless you’re a penguin. 70 degrees ain’t hot either. If you want hot, take a good look at me (muy caliente). I just want to live in a normal state, just not the state of perpetual frigidity.

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