Internet addiction

I saw this article posted on a forum I frequent.

My first thought was that since internet addiction is often seen in middle-aged stay-at-home moms, I am in the clear..for a few years anyway.  After all, one isn’t considered middle-aged until at least 35..right?  That gives me a few years left…okay only a few, but still I’m NOT there yet.

However, really I think the internet is just a new way of doing an old thing.    In days past, stay at home mothers would spend time having coffee with the neighbors or chatting on the phone.    And, yes I do think there is *some* small amount of truth in the the “watching soap operas” stereotype.  While I might spend my time surfing the internet while nursing my babe……in days past mothers would spend that time talking on the phone or watching TV.   

As long as one isn’t neglecting their children and families or household duties in favor of the internet,  or rejecting real-life outside connections, I see it being a valuable tool.  The internet does allow subsets of peoples to connect with other like-minded individuals they wouldn’t normally find.  There might not be too many other crunchy, conservative, Catholics out there…but through the internet I can find them.  

In the words of the classic credit card commercial .

Computer: $800

Internet Connection: $40/month

Knowing there are other people out there like me: Priceless.


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