This article on co-sleeping has been appearing in some local publications.

I wanted to especially comment on this part:

On record in Essex County are deaths that occurred when babies slept on their stomachs instead of their backs, while in their baby swings, on couches, while breast-feeding, on a parent’s shoulder, on soft mattresses or pillows surrounded by loose bedding, on waterbeds, or while sleeping in the same bed with their parents or other caregivers.
Hmmm……I find it quite hard to believe that there are no deaths on record of babies that were sleeping alone in their crib.    The sad fact is, sometimes babies die, and it can happen in any sleep enviroment.
Furthermore, if crib sleeping is supposed to be so safe, then why doesn’t it make babies feel safe?  I don’t know about other babies, but mine have always been terrified to find themselves alone in the baby bed.   I guess they didn’t get the message that there are no saber-tooth tigers running through the bedroom, putting them in danger.  
A baby’s instinct and need for human contact isn’t something that will ever go away, despite all our progress with indoor heat and strong walls to protect us from wild animals.
This is not to say that precautions shouldn’t be taken, if one is going to sleep they should do so safely.
However, saying it is DANGEROUS for an infant to sleep next to a loving, attentive, careful mother is downright ridiculous,  for most of history sleeping alone was much more dangerous.

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