Today is Easter Monday.  Hubby is back at work, we need to do school.  The day has come and gone without much fuss.  It seems a shame that a holiday as important as Easter is only given one little day by most people.  Liturgically it lasts a whole week, an entire octave…so why aren’t we celebrating all week? 

Our Savior has risen,  we are celebrating the greatest event to happen in ALL of history…and most people only recognize it as one day which is celebrated mainly by comsuming gluttonous amounts of chocolate.   Not that chocolate isn’t a wonderful thing, and certainly in my opinion there is no food more fitting for celebrations.

Nonetheless, the resurrection of our Lord seems as though it should require more celebration than just the consumtion of chocolate bunnies and attending Sunday Mass.  

How can we make Easter the great celebration that is should be?


One thought on “Easter

  1. Hmm, we know what somebody’s favorite food is…

    As to your last question, I think the key word is “we”. “We” the secularists really need to stop deluding ourselves about the state of affairs in this existence and remember our Creator and His greatest miracle (or if not, at least quit the Easter bandwagon altogether). “We” the Catholic blah-blah Christians probably need to find our “Lenten” selves before we can understand what it even means to be an Easter people. Finally, “we” the Catholic faithful, whoever we are, need to BOLDLY proclaim God’s salvific message. Beginning with the eight days of high solemnity and 50 in all over the Easter season, we have to take this time to, silly as this may sound, celebrate prominently. Make a deal out of your chocolate bunnies – tell your neighbor how glad you are to finally be able to feast again and why.

    The wedding feast of the Lamb has begun and His bride is prepared to welcome him. This is very good news. Everybody likes feasts – let your joy be so complete that your neighbor has to ask you why you’re downing those bunnies by the bucketful this week. And then you get to tell them about Jesus.

    Nice blog!

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